Temari Balls

Temari balls are mathematical craft objects in which patterns of multicolored thread are
wound around a spherical surface to create intriguing, sometimes remarkable patterns. This is a picture of one that I happen to see at the Annual Obon Festival in Palo Alto. The Math on a Sphere team just submitted a paper where we demonstrate an interactive programming system, Math on a Sphere (MoS), that enables users to create and explore temari-like designs on a spherical surface represented on a computer screen. Here, you will find some more examples of the Math on a Sphere language and designs. We also posted a second publication that was submitted to the Pervasive Displays conference which will be taking place in Mountain View, California at Google in July 2013.

One thought on “Temari Balls

  1. I have been making temari balls for many years. May I suggest that you visit temarikai.com and explore this form of global geometry? I look forward to your comments.

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