Thinking Spherically in Boulder

Who knows of any middle school students who like to wake up early in the morning to do math? We do! The students at Casey Middle School in Boulder, Colorado met before their school day began to be creative using Math on a Sphere. Students received some instruction in thinking spherically and learned some basic geometry and turtle commands facilitated by Hilary Peddicord, a NOAA Affiliate and Mike Eisenberg from the Craft Technology Group at CU Boulder. Within three meetings at school, each a bit over an hour at weekly intervals, students were able to learn how to instruct the turtle to move around the globe. Students traveled to NOAA in Boulder at the David Skaggs Research Center for their final meeting, where students could see their wildly colorful designs on the big SOS in a gala celebration.

Colorado_Design Colorado_MOS IMG_0180 IMG_0055 IMG_0049 IMG_0058

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