Creepy Happy Halloween Public Program

On Saturday, October 26th, the public visitors to the Lawrence Hall of Science got a first hand in making a cat, pumpkin, spider web, or jack-o’-lantern using Math on a Sphere, and then seeing their designs on the giant Science On a Sphere. By changing different values of variables in the computer program, visitors turn their black cats into pink cats, added bigger eyes to pumpkins, and drew spider webs on the Sphere. Sherry Hsi took turns with adult volunteers and staff members at the Hall, facilitating and being “the DJ”, using a microphone to announce the designs as they appeared on the ball and projecting the code to be shown on a second large screen behind the SOS. Teen interns from the Hall’s TechHive program helped children with Math on a Sphere, while “Prof. Mike” Eisenberg was on hand via Skype to help with children’s questions. Families enjoyed the background music playing fun Halloween music from different genres and periods of time. Visitors also made their own 3D faces by drawing onto a balloon. Their faces were captured from an iPad and computer projector onto the balloon’s 3D surface. Designs can be found in the [a href=””>sample designs menu.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!


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