Getting Started

Using the Math on a Sphere (MoS) software to create a design

To access the online Math on a Sphere software, please go here: MoS software.

To start, we suggest that you consult this step-by-step guide to learning the MoS software: Getting Started with Math on a Sphere

Check out the Teaching and Learning Resources page for more guides to using MoS.


The Math on a Sphere Interface

The screenshot below shows the the web interface to the MoS system. This particular design was created by an 11 year old child.

The interface consists of three main parts: at top left, the editor window; at bottom left, the command interpreter; at right, the interactive sphere window. The sphere rendering here is interactive, meaning that the the “ball” may be turned using a mouse.


Help and troubleshooting

Have more questions about using the MoS interface? Check out the Help page.


Interested in running Math on a Sphere on one of the Science on a Sphere installations?

If you’d like the client or server software and wish to help further develop it, please go to our Math on a Sphere GitHub Project .

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