Teaching Resources

Use these documents to get started learning and teaching Math on a Sphere

Public Program Guide

  • Here is an educator’s program guide from a Halloween Math public program Haunted By Math 

Math on a Sphere Topic Pages

Here are some descriptive tutorials that should help you get started with Math on a Sphere. If there isn’t a topic below that meets your needs, please send us a message (info@mathsphere.org) so we can write it up and/or ask the community to write one for us. Thanks!

Design Challenges for Math on a Sphere

Already a Math on a Sphere expert, and looking for some challenges? Check out this collection of design challenges

Hands-on Making Activities related to Math on a Sphere

Learning works well when some activities take place away from the computer. Here are a handful of ideas.

Geometry Construction:Polyhedral Playthings
Using different models of Earth
Solidly Platonics
PI Graph

2 thoughts on “Teaching Resources

  1. This all looks very promising and I appreciate the link from the NYTimes article today. Some questions: 1. What has happened to the Resources download link that is no longer linked? 2. When I visit mathsphere.org/mos-client/client.html popups tell me, twice, that the website GL could not be initialized, before permitting access to the page. 3. When I try to run Icosahedron or Soccer Ball, the Command Line Window tells me that it “cannot read property lines of ‘undefined.'” When I did run the Dragon Tail, the Sphere Window remained dark, making sphere spinning difficult. I would like to share this project with my son, but it’s not clear that he would find it engaging with these problems.

  2. For some reason, Web GL doesn’t display consistently on different computers and not supported on some graphics cards. See here for explanation: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1220892
    I remember I had to open up three Apple laptops to see how each computer causes different bugs. Please try using the Google Chrome browser and open http://mathsphere.org/mos-client/client.html. If you see a green triangle “turtle” in the sphere window, the program examples that you select under the Editor window should run (when you click run.) We are continuing to work on this, so keep us posted if you get this to work/not work, and on what type of browser/machine/graphics cards. Thanks

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