Pre-Kinder to Year 2
Geometry Index

Geometry (Plane)
2D Shapes - Polygons and More
Activity: Make a Mandala
Activity: Sorting Shapes
Activity: Symmetry of Shapes
Circle Definition
Concentration Memory Game
Definition of Decrease
Definition of Direction
Definition of Flip
Definition of Line Symmetry
Definition of Property
Definition of Rectangle
Definition of Slide
Definition of Turn
Four In A Line
Geometry - Reflection
Geometry Rotation
Geometry Translation
Horizontal Definition
Increase Definition
Knights Move Challenge
Lines of Symmetry of Plane Shapes
Pentomino Challenge
Play Cubilus Game
Play Follow the Direction
Play Math Match Memory Game
Play Mazes Online or Print Them
Play Pattern Match - Colors
Play Pattern Match - Shapes
Play Three In A Line
Play Zinlock Puzzle Game
Point Symmetry
Reflection Symmetry
Rotational Symmetry
Shapes Freeplay
Square Definition
Symmetry Artist
The Letter F Puzzle
The Letter H Puzzle
The Letter T Puzzle
The Set of Pentominoes
Triangle Definition
Vertical Definition
Geometry (Solid)
Common 3D Shapes
Cone Definition
Definition of Box
Definition of Cube
Definition of Cylinder
Definition of Sphere
Prism Definition
Pyramid Definition


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