Years 3 to 6
Data Index

Accuracy and Precision
Activity: An Experiment with a Die
Activity: An Experiment with Dice
Activity: Asking Questions
Activity: Counting Cars
Activity: Day of the Week Born
Activity: Estimation
Activity: Improving Questions
Activity: Lengths of Leaves
Activity: Most Loved Pet
Activity: Parking Spaces
Activity: Random, or Not?
Bar Graphs
Data Graphs
Definition of Accuracy
Definition of Data
Definition of Mode
Definition of Range
Definition of Relative Frequency
Dot Plots
Finding a Central Value
Frequency Distribution
Frequency Distribution Definition
Frequency Histogram Definition
Grouped Frequency Distribution
How to Calculate the Mean Value
How to Calculate the Mode or Modal Value
How to Do a Survey
How to Find the Median Value
Line Graphs
Make a Bar Graph
Mean Definition
Median Definition
Pie Chart
Population Definition
Precision Definition
Random Sample Definition
Random Words
Relative Frequency
Sample Definition
Sets and Venn Diagrams
Showing the Results of a Survey
Stem and Leaf Plots
Survey Definition
Survey Questions
The Mean Machine
The Range
What is Data?
Activity: Count to a Billion
Activity: Estimation
Activity: Garden Area
Activity: Grass for the Garden
Activity: Investigating Solids
Band around the Earth Puzzle
Definition of Estimate
Definition of Estimation
Estimation Games
Estimation Tips and Tricks
Introduction to Percents
Introduction to US Standard Units
Metric System of Measurement
Pouring Liquid
Rounding Numbers
Visual Estimation
Activity: An Experiment with a Die
Activity: An Experiment with Dice
Bags of Marbles Puzzle
Conditional Probability
Fair Dice
Probability Line
Probability: Types of Events
The Basic Counting Principle
The Spinner - Your Decision Maker


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