Years 3 to 6
Geometry Index

Geometry (Plane)
2D Shapes - Polygons and More
Activity: Clocks and Angles
Activity: Find an Approximate Value For Pi
Activity: Garden Area
Activity: Make a Mandala
Activity: Symmetry of Shapes
Activity: The Olympic Athletics Track
Activity: Tomatoes for the Garden
Acute Angles
Adjacent Angles
Alien Mask From Coordinates
Angle Definition
Angles - Acute Obtuse Straight and Right
Area Calculator
Area of a Circle
Area of Circle Triangle Square Rectangle Parallelogram Trapezium Ellipse and Sector
Area of Irregular Polygons
Area of Polygon by Drawing
Cartesian Coordinates
Circle Definition
Circle Sector and Segment
Complementary Angles
Congruent Triangles
Definition of Acute Angle
Definition of Arm of an Angle
Definition of Axis of Symmetry
Definition of Center | Centre
Definition of Chord
Definition of Congruent
Definition of Diameter
Definition of Ellipse
Definition of Irregular Polygon
Definition of Isosceles Triangle
Definition of Line Symmetry
Definition of Mirror Image
Definition of Obtuse Angle
Definition of Octagon
Definition of Parallel
Definition of Parallel Lines
Definition of Perimeter
Definition of Perpendicular Lines
Definition of Polygon
Definition of Rectangle
Definition of Reflection Symmetry
Definition of Scalene Triangle
Definition of Straight Angle
Definition of Transversal
Definition of Visual Estimation
Diplodocus Using Coordinates
Exterior Angle
Exterior Angles of Polygons
Full Rotation
Geometry - Reflection
Hexagon Definition
How To Find if Triangles are Congruent
How To Find if Triangles are Similar
Interactive Cartesian Coordinates
Interactive Polygons
Interactive Quadrilaterals
Interactive Triangles
Interior Angle
Interior Angles of Polygons
Intersection Definition
Kite Definition
Line Definition
Line in Geometry
Line Segment Definition
Lines of Symmetry of Plane Shapes
Obtuse Angle Examples
Parallel Lines and Pairs of Angles
Parallelogram Definition
Pentagon Definition
Perpendicular and Parallel
Perpendicular Definition
Play Uncross the Lines
Point Symmetry
Quadrilateral Definition
Quadrilaterals - Square Rectangle Rhombus Trapezoid Parallelogram
Radius Definition
Ray Definition
Reflection Symmetry
Reflex Angle Definition
Reflex Angles
Regular Polygon Definition
Rhombus Definition
Right Angle Definition
Right Angles
Right-Angled Triangles
Rotational Symmetry
Sam Loyd's Juggler Puzzle
Shapes Freeplay
Similar Definition
Similar Triangles
Square Definition
Straight Angles
Supplementary Angles
Symmetry - Reflection and Rotation
Symmetry Artist
Symmetry Definition
Trapezoid Definition
Triangle Definition
Triangles - Equilateral Isosceles and Scalene
Triangles Contain 180 Degrees
Using a Ruler and Drafting Triangle
Visual Estimation
What is Area?
Geometry (Solid)
Activity: Investigating Solids
Animated Polyhedron Models
Common 3D Shapes
Cone Definition
Cube Model Template
Cube Net Template
Cuboids Rectangular Prisms and Cubes
Definition of Cube
Definition of Cylinder
Definition of Face
Definition of Rectangular Prism
Definition of Solid
Definition of Sphere
Dodecahedron Model Template
Dodecahedron Net Template
Edge Definition
Icosahedron Model Template
Icosahedron Net Template
Line in Geometry
Octahedron Model Template
Octahedron Net Template
Pentomino Challenge
Platonic Solids
Platonic Solids Construction Tips
Play Count the 3D Blocks
Prism Definition
Prisms with Examples
Pyramid Definition
Spinning Cone
Spinning Cube
Spinning Cylinder
Spinning Dodecahedron
Spinning Icosahedron
Spinning Octahedron
Spinning Pentagonal Pyramid
Spinning Square Pyramid
Spinning Tetrahedron
Spinning Triangular Pyramid
Tetrahedron Model Template
Tetrahedron Net Template
The Set of Pentominoes
Vertex Definition
Vertices Edges and Faces
Volume of a Cuboid
What is a Plane?


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