Years 7 to 9
Algebra Index

Activity: Buffon's Needle
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Algebra - Definitions
Cross Multiply
Cuboids Rectangular Prisms and Cubes
Definition of Exponent
Definition of Factoring
Definition of Greatest Common Factor
Definition of Monomial
Density Definition
Equations and Formulas
Factor Definition
Factoring in Algebra
Greatest Common Factor
Implication and Iff
Like Terms
Mathematical Symbols
Open Sentences
Order of Operations - BODMAS
Order of Operations - PEMDAS
Polynomial Definition
Reciprocal Definition
Reciprocal In Algebra
Surface Area Definition
Symbols in Algebra
Symbols in Geometry
The Language of Mathematics
Volume Definition
Welcome to Mathematics
Definition of Exponent
Index Notation - Powers of 10
Laws of Exponents
Negative Exponents
Using Exponents in Algebra
Equal Less and Greater Than Symbols
Inequality Definition
Introduction to Inequalities
Number Line
Number Line Definition
Solving Inequalities
Activity: A Walk in the Desert 2
Area of Irregular Polygons
Area of Polygon by Drawing
Calculate the Straight Line Graph
Cartesian Coordinates
Equation of a Straight Line
Explore the properties of a straight line graph
Gradient Definition
Gradient of a Straight Line
Linear Equation Test
Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
Polar Coordinates Definition
Sine Cosine and Tangent in Four Quadrants
Slope Definition
Slope of a Straight Line
Y Intercept Definition
Y Intercept of a Straight Line
Linear Equations
Add Two Numbers and the Answer is Always 1089
Algebra - Definitions
Algebra Introduction: Multiplication
Balance when Adding and Subtracting
Commutative Associative and Distributive Laws
Introduction to Algebra
Like Terms
Simplify in Algebra
Solving Equations
Why the Answer is Always 1089
Quadratic Equations
Explore the Quadratic Equation
Function Grapher and Calculator
Quadratic Equations
3 4 5 Triangle
Activity: A Walk in the Desert
Activity: Drawing Squares
Activity: Pythagoras' Theorem
Definition of Pythagoras Theorem
Definition of Right-Angled Triangle
Hypotenuse Definition
Pythagoras Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem Proof
Pythagorean Triples
Right Angle Definition
Right Angles
Right-Angled Triangles
Scientific Calculator
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Algebra - Definitions
Algebra - Expanding
Definition of Monomial
Dividing Polynomials
Factoring in Algebra
Factoring Quadratics
Multiplying Polynomials
Polynomial Definition
Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Factoring Practice
Real World Examples of Quadratic Equations
Definition of Problem
Learning Mathematics
Logic Puzzles
The Language of Mathematics
Welcome to Mathematics
Definition of Function
Domain Range and Codomain
What is a Function


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