In our world we have digital clocks (they have digits like 0,1,2,3) ...
clock digital 12:34clock digital 12:33clock digital 5:08


... and analog clocks (they have hands) ...

clock analogclock analogclock analog

Digital Clocks

Digital Clocks show us the time using numbers, like this:

Hours  :  Minutes


clock digital 5:08 clock digital 9:36
5 Hours and 8 Minutes
9 Hours and 36 Minutes

Clocks with Hands

Clocks can also use hands to show us the Hours and Minutes. We call them "analog" clocks.

The Little Hand shows the Hours:

hour 2   hour 5
2 Hours 5 Hours

The Big Hand shows the Minutes:

minute 30   minute 15
30 Minutes
or Half-Past
 15 Minutes
or Quarter-Past

Using both the Big Hand and Little Hand lets us know exactly what time it is:

time 2:30   time 5:15
2:30 or
Half-Past Two
 5:15 or
Quarter-Past Five


Now you can: